Saturday, January 2, 2010


i am the girl with the silver hat.
i like photography and japanese.
i am going to kyoto with my grandmother in april
and to nagasaki with my school in october,
i am of a japanese *slash* australian origin
i have one dog named sophie
and i definately would like a goldfish on my birthday in may
i use a nikon L100
and i dont like my real name.
so i am not going to use it but you can call me ..
when i grow up i want to be a novelist or a photographer
but for now i write poetry
and i know they are very difficult profession to get into
but i have a fall back
history and english teacher
dont laugh, how rude
i have a polaroid in the picture.
eventually you will see my face.


mel said...

i want your camera!i'm gonna steal it..have it in mind. (i'm kidding)
have a happy new year

girl-interrupted said...

Wow you are cool. I like you :) I read on Lucy's blog that you go to a school thats next to St George?? Must be Kogarah? I envy your Nikon. I wanted a Nikon 200.. but alas it is too expensive. Photography and literature are both very cool. So is poetry! Keep up the creative genius.