Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tomorrow when the war began

from now on i will probably be focusing more on books rather than my own less interesting life.
first on the agenda. John Marsden's Tomorrow When, the War Began. its one of John Marsden's later works, it has 6 sequels and a whole other trilogy that is based on the events that happen after.
it features Ellie and her friends going into the bush ''hell'' and after 5 days crawling out from behind a rock to find their whole world obliterated.
i find John Marsden's books quite peculiar because one he writes in 1st person, not even that as a journal and two, because he writes as a girl, which scares me quite abit. the only book written in first person that i liked was Jane Eyre.


Laura said...

Omg, I love that book. :D.
They are turning it into a movie. And most the actors are Australian (like Caitlin Stasey and Lincoln Lewis, etc).

My favourite character was Homer. I hope the actor who plays him is good. DAMNWELL BETTER BE. Lol.
And I liked Ellie and Fi and Lee. ;).

lucy said...

Wooh! Go you! Bookworms are so cool :D

This book has been collecting dust on my shelf for years! I've never read it. Is it any good? A lot of people I know love it, so if you like it too, tell me and I'll read it. I have so many books to read! Yay!

I should so totally start a book club on blooger :P

Maria Sondule said...

OH my gosh, I've been wanting to read this for ages!Haha, guys writing as girls are fairly common. I read this one book by Aiden Chamber about a girl named Cordelia. It was still really good, and I was surprised when I found out that the main character was written by a guy. Do girls writing guys seem weird too? I think they're more common than the other way around...